About Bonnsai:


My Name: 1. Bonner Ultimate Frisbee Team

My Nick Name: Bonnsai

My Birthday:

1. ) Fall 2002: few people meet each other time by time to play a game called "ultimate Frisbee"

2.) Spring 2004 : becoming part of the sports-programme of the university of Bonn

3.) Fall 2005: Finding a name: "Bonnsai" (= small and from Bonn)

4.) Fall 2011: Founding of Bonnsai - Frisbeesport Bonn e.V.

Where I live:

in and around Bonn, meaning we play in Beuel near the Rhein or in the Hofgarten or in Kessenich or at the university field on the Venusberg

20090809_190802_Bonnsai_Frisbee_DM_IMG_4990.jpg _DSC9626.jpg

My Size:

Approximated 20 - 40 active players, aged between ca 18 bis 40+ years, mixed

My Activities:

-> Practice 3 times a week

-> Tournaments as often as possible, all over Germany (Record: 18 Tournaments in 2011)

My Highlights:

-> First Bonnsai-Tournament 2005 4Ferkel-Turnier in Marburg

-> 2006 first Outdoor DHM in Aachen

-> 2007 first Bonnsai-Victory at the Dortmunder UltimateFrisbeeNacht

-> 2008 first Indoor-Mixed-DM in Leipzig

-> 2010 first Outdoor-Mixed-DM in Stuttgart

-> 2011 Beach Beach Beach

-> 2012 Playing Quali indoor Open and Women's Devision

That's how you will recognize me:

-> flying discs (look for our Bonnsai-Logo)

-> yellow or blue Bonnsai-Shirts

-> yellow Bonnsai-Flag


-> Bonnsai (der IV.)

-> Cheer: "Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo...nnn...saaaaiiii"

My favourite sports:

Ultimate Frisbee, DDC, running

My Hobbys:

Cooking (or in summer barbecue), Party, meeting friends, travelling

My favourite food:

Pasta, Pizza, Barbecue, Haribo

My favourite drinks:

Radler, Weizen, Apfelschorle, coffee, sparkling water

My most important characteristics:

Having fun in team-sport, so much mixed (men and women, players from all over the world), practice in each wheather (sun, wind, rain, hail, snow)


When I'm grown I'll become a:

--Tina 13. Apr 2011

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